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5.10.13 - Mythology - Stories - Update

Errrmm hello again
Yes, that was supposed to be triumphant comeback in that last post, but that was errmm, quite a bit back, though! i do have an explanation, i do have a pretty big backlog of posts to put up letting you guys know whats going on, but it was just a bit over whelming knowing what order to put them in.
I kind of started this project in my head while i was day dreaming at work, so when i finished it was just a rush of things i needed to put in some sort of linear order but its just to hard to keep up with myself in that way so just roll with me.

Im currently sitting at my desk in my new flat, a day away from starting lectures on monday, and now that ive written out my project proposal, i can finally (kinda) explain what this whole project is about.

So, heres the boring bit, the project proposal.

1. Project Proposal Title:
Modern Mythology and Memories/ Modern Memories/ Retrospective into..[blank]

2. Project Proposal Content: 
I intend to look into the myths, how they are explained through art and how this intepretation of tales/fables and poems can be put into my own practice and developed to tell narratives of my own in a modern illustrative approach. I will first research into artist and writers who have studied the subject and then through that, take on looking into my own intepretations of the myths and then developing them into my own versions of modern myths. I would like to also investigate people and memories and look into narrative illustration, and take the same approach that was taken into depeicting the myths.
I find the method of telling the viewer a story through allegorical means the most entertaining and fufilling way to approach my own work.

3. Context and audience:
My primary purpose is quite a selfish one in that I've been wanting to learn more about classics and greek/roman mythology for a long time and i thought that this was such a broad and interesting subject topic that the best way to spend my last year at university would be to explore something that genuinely intrigues me and something that i think will pair well creatively with my style of art. Though saying that in this project i want to explore more of my approach to my work that i picked up on my last project in that i wont have a specific things and object or people that i go into the start of the project wanting to draw, but first do more ground work and research and then when something creative hits, then go into drawing development.
At this moment, i cant see any specific audience for the project, i think that it will be for a more mature mind set in that it will take some basic knowledge of greek and roman mythology and the understanding to analyse a painting in the same way you would analyse a piece of text. So in that sense maybe a audience who have some understanding of the art world and enjoy picking apart a piece or painting.

4. Research Sources:
With my subject topic being widely painted and spoken about i have a lot of different ways i can research:
At the Tate Britain there is range of classical paintings that i have visited and ill discuss later as it comes further into my project.
There is also a lot of text that has been written about the subjects and also classic’s lectures which will discuss the background beginnings of my research and help me understand the basic level of classical mythology
There is also a wide range of painters who have already worked around Ovid’s Metamorphoses that i can look in depth to.
I will visit my universities library for a large range of art books on artists to help explore past work.
Also explore into artist who have had morals and stories to tell through their work such as Grayson Perry

5. Learning Methodology:
I plan to generate my visual ideas from absorbing the most i can from the texts i read and the things i learn throughout the first part of my research. This is a new method for me as i have explained previously in that i usually have starting off points in which i want to draw straight away but i find my most exciting work comes from taking this new method of letting the research decide what comes out visually. But as for starting off, and getting things rolling, i will be mostly focusing on Ovid’s Metamorphoses and using Ted Hughes “Tales from Ovid” as the best way to get an understanding of the text in a short amount of time.
This whole process will be a way for me to acquire new knowledge and is the basis of my reasoning for the project in that i want to learn these things and develop my work around this new found knowledge.
My main weakness that i’ve been identifying is that i have no clear path at this time to go down, this is finding to be also difficult in explaining how i will go about my work as i’m just really unsure of where it will take me from these early stages. All i know from a visual side is that i have always favoured working with paints and drawing so i know that i want to continue with hand drawn images and paintings and i personally think this works best for me.

6. Work for Assessment:I hope to develop what i found from the last project of the second year and that my approach i was taking all throughout the first year and majority of the second didn't help me come up with interesting findings. My new approach of a blank book from the start will hopefully give me, (as this project is for myself) a more insightful and fulfilling response to what i learn. I wish to keep adapting on ideas and beliefs that surround me and work what i find into my visual drawings and art i produce. Its very hard to define what i will learn from this project as the whole project is about tackling things i don't already know and want to learn. 
At the end of the project i wish to submit a form of work that shows the knowledge that I've learnt throughout the process and have elements of a narrative/allegorical story.

And then i gave up on 7&8 cause how the bluddy hell am i supposed to plan out a project that i have no clue where is going?! So as soon as i get a chance to talk to someone smarter then me i'll work that one out.

So yes, basically, if you read between the lines, i haven't got a clue what im doing, im just letting myself enjoy learning about all these cool new (well not new, actually really really old) things and then letting my pen do the deciding later on.
For one of the first times in my life, i have absolutely no clue what i will be drawing or what it will look like, and i love it
I want to enjoy my final year of university, and this is the way im finding the most enjoyable so let me get on with it rather then explain it jeeeez!

New project, new obligatory photo of where i will be writing all these god awful blog posts. (SO bare but the pinboard will be up once i find a way to put it up.... hmmm)

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