Monday, 28 October 2013

28.10.13 - Photoshop development

Hello again.
After taking the weekend off to have a breath of fresh air at home, I've come back and decided to continue working through my old illustrations with photoshop.
These are the developing images that i have made this morning.
The first two are my continuing development for Phaethon but the last one is actually from an old text that I've decided to no longer work with.
I just wanted to spend my morning getting more of a good grasp on photoshop and the possibilities i could have with it
I think the one with the most potential is the 2nd one.
i wanted to show Phaethon falling through the space and work on making a pattern out of repetition.
i think the pop of colour with the figure in pinkish red shade works as a great contrast to the blue that represents that "limbo" like space spoke about through the poem.
Update Soon!

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