Thursday, 24 October 2013

24.10.13 - All Hail Photoshop.

Hello again.
So yesterday, i had a little bit of serious development.
After spending time going through some pattern making and figure drawing, my friend and peer Chiara advised that the patterns might work well if i was to layer them on top of each other on Photoshop. Now my knowledge of all things online is seriously limited. I just do what i know, and know what i do.
But after speaking to Chiara and having her help me through some of the main things i could use it for i was so happy with the outcomes.
It gave me the ability to see what all the aspects of the drawing i had done that day would look like if they were laid ontop of eachother
it also gave me the ability to play with colours and composition which were two things i really wanted to look into for this project.
Below, i have screen shotted some of the outcomes that i was playing around with yesterday afternoon. This is just the start of my process so  understand if some of them look a little bit over the top but i was just so driven to see the whole range of outcomes could come from the layering process.
My plan now is to continue doing my watercolours and then assemble them together as i had these ones.
Real progression was finally made yesterday, so its really given me that boost that i think was needed.
Update Soon!

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