Monday, 28 October 2013

28.10.13 - Thinking Day

Hello again.

As you've already seen, today was mostly spent on the comuter and speaking to glyn about my research report and then getting on with some initial ideas
I'll include some of my mind mapping but im not to sure wether to go into detail on my dissertation on the blog? hmmm, thoughts?
Anyway, heres my mind.

I thought i would also include my weekly schedule thing i have been advised to keep.
After meeting with Karen, we spoke about the best way for me personally, to get the most out of my time was to keep a outline of what needs to be done, and what you are going to do and when.
So heres the plan:

  • List of different things needed in each of the five illustrations, key points to consider for illustration
  • Initial drawing for each of the five illustrations
  • Development of colours on Photoshop/ general colour theme for five illustrations
  • Title for my research report
  • Brain storm of ideas and themes the report could take
  • General secondary research into chosen topic
  • Look at what emotions are being used in each of the illustrations
    Make links with these emotions to specific paintings and artists
  • 2 Artist studies on the blog
    Sum up of where ideas are going blog post
  • Write up Monday morning lecture with Glyn
  • Sequential illustration blog
  • Oh comely blog post
Its almost a sneak peak into what will be coming on the blog really?
Should i include any of this?
Tbh with you i just felt like i had a to write a blog post about my day so it showed i had done something, how weird is that?!

Anyway, im off for soup.
Update soon!

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