Tuesday, 8 October 2013

08.10.13 - Ice Age Nudes

After the notes left on our project while in the class, we were given the advise to look into ice age art and that it was the first female representation of nudes.
And i'm very glad i did, how lovely are these!
Im blown away with how modern these look, its incredible, its almost like we as humans have come so far that we've looped back on ourselves by trying to be minimal and didn't even realised that we'd already done it.
These sculptures made of out animal bone and horn and stone.
They depict pregnant females and were thought to be made for religious art.
From the research i've done briefly it seems theres a bit of discussion about why they were originally made and it was assumed that they were made by women, for women because of the lack of erotic nature or sexual undertones in the figures. On the other hand its been said it could've been made by men, but of a female who was of higher authority or of an older age therefore not seen as a mate.
I personally think they look beautiful and find it amazing the proportions of the women are put together.
It almost feels like it all the genetics of one family who were all blessed with big breasts and a pair of hips to match.
I also couldn't find out any information about why there heads were facing down , looking onto their bodies but if it only used for the aesthetic appeal, its so beautiful and humbling, it makes them seem modest in my eyes, i'm not to sure why it gives me that feeling, maybe its almost as if they've bowing their heads being shy.

They definitely are the first signs of fertility and beauty seen in the female figure as a representation to show this.
Also with these pieces being sculptures, they have a smallness about them which makes me wants to hold them, like dolls, i'm not sure if this was the intention, but they definitely feel soft enough to touch.
Update soon.

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