Monday, 14 October 2013

14.10.13 - Collaboration Project Development

Hello again.
Today as planned myself and my project partner Annabel spent the day developing our ideas for the collaboration project
With the intention of the day to be to find a specific subject of our project, we started off the day thinking of how we could link both of our pieces into a statement or question that could work for our collaboration.
Through further discussion we then came up with some simple statements summing up our project
  • Abstract minimal. looking at the female figure and minimising it
  • What is beautiful about the female form
  • how media is used to change the perception of the form
  • women drawing women?
  • contours of the skin, how skin is shown through different medias
  • what shapes are need to show the viewer the female form?
    Finally we came up with the decision of:
     "What is the least amount of visual information a viewer needs to represent the female form while still keeping the basic principals of the medias used?"

With this statement in mind, we made the decision to keep down the route of keeping the work as minimal as possible, i would paint with only lines, and annabel would try to keep her collages with as little pieces as possible while still retaining meaning.
Below are the studies i made that day with pen, while we were working i suggested the idea of making larger pieces and then cropping them down to see if cutting and cropping like how Annabel does with the collages, might make the work more abstract yet still recognisable as a female form.

Using a mix of the Man-Ray photograph studies and the ice age sculptures studies i've made a series of images of as minimal as i could possibly draw to represent the female form, ranging in different parts of the body and different female body shapes.
We were happy with how these came out and decided that there was no need to continue development in a visual way and to just continue refining what we had and meet tomorrow for a brainstorm of how to finalise the project.
Update Soon.

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