Thursday, 10 October 2013

10.10.13 - Collaboration Development

Today i decided to continue on the development of my drawings i started yesterday. And with the sketches i had done yesterday just focusing on outline and getting to grips with everything again, today i decided to look more into tone, light and the skintone in black and white photography.
Since the photographs that i have been given by my partner are all in black and white i found it interesting to look into those tones shown on the skin of the models. Also it was really enjoyable getting to work with my black watercolours again, experimenting with mixing and shading.
I think these have come out, alright. I think definitely the closeups have worked the best, in the sense that they've taken on a more abstract feel with regards to my painting style showing the light hitting the contours of the body. Im in no way mastered in life drawing, and have never had lessons so with there being an opportunity next week through uni i'll be definitely going.
I'll take these back to my partner and report back on what evaluation we come back with in regards to developing our ideas
Update Soon.

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