Saturday, 5 October 2013

5.10.13 - Ovids Metamorphoses - BBC Radio 4 Discussion Notes

"Melvyn Bragg explores the enduring appeal of the Roman poet Ovid's work Metamorphoses. With A.S. Byatt and A. Catherine Bates."This was a helpful little nugget i found along my paths of trawling through hours of terrible people spouting their views about the book
In this half an hour long discussion, Melvyn Bragg and his guests speak about the book and its appeal and significant myths and passages that are included in the book. 

At the time i was listening i was writing in my little note book all the notes, so im just going to retype them out here with a little bit more sense.

  • Shakesperes favourite poet was Ovid
  • What is Ovid doing? He is describing the world and how it is totally in flux all the time
  • Ovid was interested in everything changing the contact changes that are going on around us.
  • Ovid has no straight moral line when it comes to the stories told, The gods are constantly badly behaved and treated humans very poorly
  • The Ovid gods are very human like and are constantly seized by passion
  • There are overlaying themes running throughout of punishment and release of that punishment. Whenever there is human achievement or failing its turned into an animal or object and then its a way of the audience remembering the stories
  • Themes of ecology and green peace
  • He puts chaos into order and form
  • In Ovids writing he makes sense of place in a very visual way.

There were more notes about specific passage in the book but i think iw ill include them in specific analysis that i plan to do on the stories i'm thinking of going into more depth with.

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