Friday, 18 October 2013

18.10.13 - Lecture with Sam Arthur from NoBrow.

On friday we had a whole day with Sam Arthur from Nobrow. Nobrow is a publishing company who specialise in art and illustration magazines and books and set a platform for their work to be seen on a "invite only" basis.
The first half of our day was set around Sams discussion about the basic outlines of who Nobrow are and how they got started with entrepreneurial ideas being a running theme through his talk. He spoke his tastes who his team got bigger and bigger and where they intend to go in the future.
It was really interesting, not particularly because i'm interested in setting up anything similar but out of general business and curiosity to see how these things come to fruition.
When going through the talk Sam briefly mention a book they had published called "The New Ghost" by Robert Hunter. I was blown away by how beautiful the illustrations were, i adored the use of colour and now really want to get my hands on a copy so i can properly read it. Heres a few photos i found online so you can get a general jist of it.
I also picked out from the talk when Sam was talking about wanting to do staple bound books, i personally really like the effect of staple bound, i find it feels more personal and less mass produced when staple bound but he spoke about how when speaking to sales, they find it harder to sell as there is no advertising space on the spine of the book so wouldn't work in bookshops. Even with this in mind, i still was really drawn to this way of putting a book together, and i'm tempted to look at this further into my project.

As i will/have written about, i really wasn't to drawn to the second half of the day as pride got the better of me. I did spend the first half of my time looking around at everyones from the classes work, and some of the outcomes from just 2 weeks really blew me away. But the whole "lets make a mini exhibition and show off to the posh bloke from london" things just made my spine go funny and had to bow out.
It wasnt meant as offensive to the guest or the lecturers at-all, and i can understand why it might make some people irate but rather leave quietly then have a meltdown surly?
Anyway enough self analysis, Update Soon.

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