Saturday, 19 October 2013

19.10.13 - The Text.

Hello there.
So on thursday, i went with my book and scanned all the pages of the quote i wanted to use, while i was there i managed to edit them down to just 8 passages to choose from.
The yellow highlights are those passages
Now, on friday, i had a nice long chat with one of my friends (Lucy) on the course whose opinion i really respect.
We spoke about some things i mention in my update post and about my feelings towards my work.
She advised going through the text and really picking out lines that grab my attention and could be worked with and that some of the things that hold me back is that i think too literally.
We also spoke about how i should branch out and research other things rather than just painting and drawing artists and look at a wide variety of things that are in context with what i'm looking into.
When explaining my project and the story of the book to her, i came to the conclusion that the whole thing was about emotion.
Metamorphoses is about emotion being so psychologically painful that they have to turn their bodies into something not human, that the emotion is too much for our human bodies to process so is morphed into a symbolic object.
I had picked passages (yellow) that showed this visual change, or a visually descriptive passage of the text that could be shown through illustrations, passaged that i could relate to on empathetic and sympathetic level.
Lucy, suggested going through the text once more, thinking about the passages on another level and refining the text to very short sentences that explained parts of what was going on.
We went through Callisto and Arcas as it was there on the table while we were speaking and it was really refreshing to get another person perspective on the text.
I then today, went through the texts again (blue) and singled out lines that gave hints of the narrative but took a more abstract approach to the narrative stories.
My mind sometimes works in a one track thought process and speaking to other people really helps me see things from different levels.
We have a review group on Tuesday with a bunch of people from the course so im going to go through some of the ideas with them and come up with some drawing on monday so i have some things visually to show them as well.
After sharing thoughts with Lucy as well, i'm going to try looking into emotion as a whole and seeing the different ways its shown through art.
Wish me luck!
Update Soon.

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