Wednesday, 23 October 2013

23.10.13 - Final Five

The final five have been chosen!

I only just realised that i had about 8 passages of text stuck up on my wall and hadn't edited them down yet.
The way things are going, i want to take a more abstract approach to the illustrations so some of them had become more relevant and others not so much.
They have been finalised down to Actaeon, Phaethon (how many times am i going to spell that wrong), Echo and Narcissus, The Rape of Proserpina and Callisto and Arcas.
4 out of these 5 all have a running theme of the moment of metamorphoses or speaking of changing from one thing to another, all accept Phaethon funnily enough which is the one Ive been working on the most at the moment.
So yes, just a quick one to let you know the cut!
Update Soon!
(P.s ooo look you can see yourself on the computer screen little old blog)

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