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21.10.13 - Project Proposal Rewrite

Hello again,
So today, I'm working from the studio as I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, after a grumpy weekend
I've started off my day, with re writing my project proposal from my chat with Chris last week. After speaking about the first project proposal being way to broad, I've simplified it a lot down giving specific things I'm going to look into and setting myself a goal of doing interior illustrations for "Tales of Ovid"
Here's what we have so far:

Course & Unit number: Illustration BA7

Name: Rachel Peel

1. Project Proposal Title:

 A contemporary take on classic mythology based on “Tales from Ovid”

  1. Project Proposal Content:
    I intend to make a series of interior illustrations depicting elements of the stories told in “Tales from Ovid” by Ted Hughes
    I will look into Roman mythology as a whole and reference classical paintings and contemporary illustrations and wider outlook of artists to inspire my work.
    My themes and subject matters will be looking at “metamorphoses” and how intense emotion is shown through art.
    There has been many interpretations through classical paintings of the myths from Ovid, but i wish to take a more contemporary approach, focusing on colour, mood, composition and an allegorical feeling within the series of interior illustrations.

3. Context and audience:

My intentions are to have the illustrations within the text in “Tales from Ovid” so my target audience would be people who have an interest in mythology and the classics. My visual style would most likely be aimed to a young adult, so 16+
This project will hopefully  help my understanding of narrative illustrations and help me find a path of where my work can fit into a wider scheme within the illustration industry.

4. Research Sources:

With my subject topic being widely painted and spoken about i have a lot of different ways i can research:
There is also a lot of text that has been written about the subjects and also classic’s lectures which will discuss the background beginnings of my research and help me understand the basic level of classical mythology
There is also a wide range of painters who have already worked around Ovid’s Metamorphoses that i can look in depth to.
I will visit my universities library for a large range of art books on artists to help explore past work.
Also explore into artist who have had morals and stories to tell through their work such as Grayson Perry and look into the wide range of artists that deal with emotion such as Chagall.

5. Learning Methodology:

I plan to generate my visual ideas from absorbing the most i can from the texts i read and the things i learn throughout the first part of my research.
This whole process will be a way for me to acquire new knowledge and is the basis of my reasoning for the project in that i want to learn these things and develop my work around this new found knowledge.
The weaknesses around my work will be my lack of knowledge on publishing and book making in whole. As i am wishing to do interior illustration a healthy knowledge in how make make my own books would be really helpful to understand how illustrations fit within text, but my knowledge of the craft is not high. But saying this, i wish to look at how my work can be shown in its original form, i try not to use editing soft wares within my work as my knowledge is low, and leads to things looking messy and unfinished. Within this project i wish to find a way to showcase my originals in a professional and presentable way to the “intended” clients.

6. Work for Assessment:
I hope to develop what i found from the last project of the second year which worked well for me and then look at my areas of development in my approach i was taking all throughout the first year and second year and see how i can turn them into working better for me.
I will also focus on taking my research to a greater level to influence my work as it is key to what findings i will come out with.

7. Schedule of Work: (to include the deadline for submission of assessment):

8. Resource requirements:
Sorry for all the strange layouts, blogger seems really weird when wanting to change things about and i use pages which is even more temperamental

But yes, as you see black spaces for 7&8 still, i will talk it through with the review day tomorrow and fill those in later.

Im hoping today that work will start to become more enthusiastic, im in the process of booking a session with the student support manager to talk about stress management so.. yeh.

Update Soon! 

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