Sunday, 20 October 2013

20.10.13 - Pantheon initial ideas.

Hello again
So today, is a lazy Sunday.
And since after my mopey friday meltdown, i choose to just warm my way into going back to normal schedule on monday by just getting out some ideas i had rumbling around my head.
As you'll see i was highly influenced by the robert hunter prints that i had been shown on friday.
I decided to use the blacks, blues and purples as it just seemed fitting (and they were in arms reach to if i'm being honest which is my new plan.)

"And now Phaethon looked down
From zenith
And saw earth
So far below, so terrifyingly tiny,
His whole body
Seemed suddenly bloodless
His knees wobbled, his eyes
Dazzled and darkened
He wished he had never seen his father's horses."

The second painting with the slightly slender figure i decided to add a pinkish red under the under hinting at the line"seemed suddenly bloodless"
i think i want to continue with this one, but might have a look at composition and cropping the figure out in some way (hmm i'll have a think about it)
I just like doing portraits, they give me a face to work with when making the paintings, this one obviously looking at "dazzled and darkened" but is a bit literal i know.
Anyway, it was only a few hours worth of casual work.
Update Soon.

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