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08.10.13 - Exchanging Research Ideas (Collaboration Project)


17:48 - I am exhausted! I write this, a day into our first new project, a collaboration task!
I should of really done a roundup of our first day yesterday so apologies for not being on the ball but i was very bluddy tired when i got in and really just wanted to eat some mash and watch the one show. Like anyone else would.
But basically yesterday was an intense day of listening to A LOT of information about the next couple of weeks and how its going to go, and some important information on the research report and how to think about our work and plan for time
I'll be honest, it was an amazing amount to take in on the first day back, i was just overwhelmed with how much we were told to get ready for this year. Its almost sometimes feels like someone is shouting "DON'T PANIC! ALL WILL BE FINE" and you just sit there, not blinking and nodding
BUT thats completely different subject.

So yes, today. As a round-up to the end of the day yesterday we were put with our partner and went through our different projects
My partner is a student named Annabel Osborn, and her project at the moment is a working progress but has a clear idea of wanting to look into new and digital media and how it has made an impact on illustration and society as a whole!
And as you can see extremely different to my own project of looking, at the moment at 15th and 16th century renaissance paintings...
SO, i'll be honest we were a bit unsure of how to tackle it from the get go. We discussed about how we like to work and what we had done in past projects. I spoke about the jist of my work, explaining how i like storytelling and allegorical art and everything being broken down and explained, and Annabel spoke about how she has taken her work to a more academic side focusing on more of her research project as she has grown out of wanting to draw.
This led quite well onto the fact that im quite different in that i do still love to draw but also am now really getting into looking and the history and background of a piece and we spoke about how annabel had once taken a class in "Theory of Knowledge" and had looked into how women have portrayed.
This then led onto us discussing how in the classical paintings i had been researching into with the use of the female figure, in particular the nudes.
We discussed about artist that we both know looked at nudes and artists we had dealt with previously so know a fair bit about. I spoke about Klimt and Schiele and showed how they used a more angular structure with womens figures and compared with the curvier women shown in the classical paintings such as titian. Annabel also spoke about Tom Wesselmann and his use of block colour to show erotic undertones in the swinging 60's. 
After this use of discussion, we spoke about how our work could be collaborated on using these themes we had chosen to go down. With Annabel wishing to continue her work without drawing or painting i suggested it might be interesting to work with collage and see how that could be tackled with this subject matter. Annabel seemed also want to continue down this route so we spoke about how our work could correlate with each other.
In the end, we have decided to work on joint pieces. I will find a classical paintings for Annabel to use as inspiration for making a collage and then Annabel will find photographs for me to use an inspiration for drawings. We will then meet up on Friday to have our "Recorded Dialogue" bringing in those first ideas that we have made and then throughout our discussion advised and critically review each others pieces, then after the discussion go away and produce another piece on the advice that was given in the recorded dialogue.
We then after a lunch break were asked to put all of our findings together and let the class then walk around and see each others work.
While this happened we had been left a post-it note which i think was from the lecturers reading: "ice age art was the first representation of the female nude. Henry moore and picasso were hugely influenced by these primitive sculptures. Could be interesting to explore"

WOW loads of writing. Sorry, but there was a lot i needed to get down so i didnt forget.

So yes, after a rocky start we've actually come out with what i think will be a really interesting little project.
So as you can see i have a lot to be getting on with and with it still being the first week theres a lot of starting up lectures going on so it actually leaves me with wednesday afternoon and thursday to be the only time i can get my first sketches down to have for the recorded dialogue on friday.
I've included some of the notes myself and Annabel made of our discussions.
Update Soon!

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