Wednesday, 30 October 2013

29.10.13 - Layering Day

Hello again!
Another day spent doing development work from the initial drawings about the different passages.
Im just to bluddy tired as its 6:12pm and I'm still at the studio so i'll update you later.

Update 30.10.13: Hello again, fresh faced at 9:30 this morning so i think i can talk a little clearer then last night.
I haven't actually put that i was working till late because i lost about an hour and a half of my work yesterday which was slightly frustrating, but i think that I've almost been able to get back what I've done again.
I was still trying to work with the layers, but this time looking at the character Juno in "Echo and Narcissus"
I already had a clear image in my head of one of the idea i wanted to look at in this illustration, and when i have an already identifiable image in my head, it just helps to get it out and draw it or i'll just always be thinking of it.
I first spent some time doing my initial water colour drawings, and now knowing the knowledge of how to put together the layers, decided to draw the objects on their own so i had more control of them when it came to putting them together on photoshop.
Im slightly intentionally trying to keep a colour pallet going for each illustration. I had looked at blues and greys for Phaethon as it had that dark celestial feel to the passage. For echo and narcissus its focuses around longing and unrequited love. With this in mind i wanted to look at warmer colours, and with this illustration focusing on the start of the tale, where Juno curses Echo to repeat the last words she hears another person say, quite a lot of the focus i wanted to have on Juno.
Researching into Juno as a character on her own i think will need some time dedicated to it if i wish to have her as a central point to this passage.
But keeping the images all having a similar feel to them i used the patterns from the previous paintings and some new ones to give that similar unearthly effect.
As as well at this point i didn't want to give Juno that much of an identity, inept her a ghostly figure just to represent her being surrounded by the words she's saying to Echo.
I think these have come out well, I'm happy with how the Photoshop effect is bringing together all the elements i wanted in my illustrations, I'm just now trying to think of ways i can develop them further and continue the learning journey with them.

Update Soon!

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