Wednesday, 23 October 2013

23.10.13 - Review Day Sum-up

Yesterday afternoon, we had out group session review day led by our lecturer Chris. This was where about 10 of us from the class, sat round a table, read through each others reviews and discussed ideas with the class.
We spent the first half reading through everyone's project proposals, one thing i did notice when looking through everyone's proposals was that they had a really strict time line to what they were going to do and when they were going to do it, this is something I've not actually done but am now considering. It seems to work to your advantage to set small little deadlines often to keep up a pace to your outcomes and research. I think at some point today i will type up a semi-serious outline to make sure i stay on track. Everyone seemed to have strong ideas to go on from, and its actually a really enjoyable experience sharing ideas with everyone when they actually speak up and talk about their work. We then went round the group and discussed our own work and shared what we liked about the projects and what might help us further our work.
My feedback forms actually varied a lot in the feedback given. Some people advised to look into specific art movements such as impressionism and renaissance paintings.
The majority of the question raised were to do around how i will show my work and if i will include text within the finals
I decided to answer this when having the discussion and advised that i wouldn't be including the text in any way with the paintings. I don't want to have a verse of text on one page and then my illustrations on the other, i do not know enough about typeface or text layout in general to try and scrape something like that together, it won't work in my behalf and will take up precious time. I advised that i will most likely make a series of illustrations that showcase the general themes being brought up through my research and display them in a creative way, as my talents and skills do not lie in using computer editing to bring my pieces together. This seemed like the right idea to go with when speaking to Chris about it, who advised to keep to your strong suits and let the work speak for itself.
It was also brought up how i would bring my research together to achieve my goals of what i wanted to look into and if i had a specific thing i wanted to say throughout my work. This i couldn't really give an answer on right now as I've not thought about it, but i will definitely go away and spend some time thinking about whether this is something i need to address in my work or not.
So yes, overall the session was really helpful and i think a much needed boost of momentum to get everyone going with their work. Today (Wednesday) i plan on continuing my initial drawing ideas and see where they are leading me. I'm also going to make mind maps of general theme and things i want to bring up within each passage of text, so i can start some ideas rolling for everything
Update Soon!

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