Monday, 21 October 2013

21.10.13 - Phaethon Research - Humbling Force by Jessica Lee

This short film titled "Humble Force" by Jessica Lee, who usually works in textiles creating one of a kind silk pieces, is inspired by the sea, and shows in the middle section of the film a female figure falling/swimming through the water surrounded by different shades of fabric
It really brought up a lot of connections with my passage i've chosen from Phaethon.
In my head i see a really slow, figure falling through space.
The way the film is put together showing the figure slowly swimming through the water gets a sense across perfectly.
Also the use of the shades of blues and greens are exactly the sort of ideas i had in my head, its embodies a lot of the things i wanted to look at but in a film state rather than painting.

Ive taken some sneaky screen shots of some of the specific parts of the film that i was drawn to.

I think when things are shown underwater they get that erethral, ominous sense to them that really associates with the sinister thought of falling through space.

Very cool.
Update Soon.

Watch the whole short film here:

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