Wednesday, 9 October 2013

09.10.13 - Half Day Limbo

Hello again. Today as titled was a bit of a half day limbo
We were in nice and early in the morning for a lecture going through the intricate details of our learning outcomes and how we will be assessed and all those scary things.
I made my notes in paper but the main points i had down to consider were actually to do with this blog and will it hold me back in any way.
I bluddy hope not cause its the most productive way for me to get down all my thoughts up in my brain box actually making sense with words and pictures and things. (plus amen auto correct)
I think im going to keep the tabs the same way i did last year but make them a lot of specific so one post might have a lot of tabs because it overlaps onto different parts of the learning outcomes. I have a slight suspicion it might get a little complicated but its always a thing that can be edited constantly so we'll work with as it goes along.
In the meeting we also spoke about portfolios and all that jazz, i did get a lovely thought pop into my head when we were speaking about archive boxes. If i wanted to maybe continue looking into memories and how they get made into myths/stories personal dealings,it might be nice to have some sort of collection of images almost like a memory box, like a little momentum, its a very early idea, but i wanted to get it written down before i forgot.
Then, as half day limbos go, work didnt get started again till after a long lunch.
I wanted to get a bit of a start on the drawings that me and Annabel are going to discuss in our recorded conversation. I decided to start with black watercolour, its something i'm familiar with and gives a good impression of what im trying to get across easily. I worked with the photographs Annabel had given me and started with just interpreting them into paint. Tomorrow i hope to develop some of them further, might need a brain storm tomorrow morning so stay tuned.
Update Soon.

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