Tuesday, 15 October 2013

15.10.13 - Finaising Ideas

Hello again
Today, myself and Annabel met up again in the morning to discuss where we would like the project to go for a final idea. On the brief of our project we are asked to present the work on friday in a creative way.
The idea myself and Annabel had the idea from quite early on in the project to have our final piece of work side by side and have that as how we presented it but we both had the feeling that there could of been a better and more creative way of displaying our works together and separately

I advised that we could do a book/zine containing one side of all the pages displaying my paintings  and the other half to display Annabels collage
We both decided on that this might be a good way to go ahead and Annabel suggested having our quotes and recorded discussions as the front cover to the zine and the project summary on the back.

With this in mind, we adjusted the scale of the paintings to A5 as to be cost effective and the right feel for a book/zine/collection.
As i needed to repaint all my paintings, i got on with painting them onto watercolour paper (these are shown in the photos below) and then photocopying them, and Annabel got on with designing the front and back cover of the zine with the quotes from our discussion.
We will be meeting again on thursday to put together the books and prepare how we will display our work.
Update Soon.

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