Thursday, 10 October 2013

10.10.13 - Project Summary

Working progress but its pretty much there now.

"Rachel is currently looking into Greek Mythology and Annabel is currently looking into new media and digital media. After meeting and exchanging ideas we noticed that greek mythology renaissance paintings from the 15th century are almost photographically representing an event or story that never existed and Robert Mapple-Thorpes photographs of “Patti Smith” and Man-Rays studies of female figures present a nude in a situation that is a posed reality. Looking at art over the centuries and how the female nude has been represented, it is interesting to see how they’ve changed.
Our response is for Rachel to take away photographs that Annabel has suggested on and develop her drawings from this and Annabel to take away classical paintings that Rachel has suggested on and respond through collages. Addressing how the nudes have been seen in the past and the future, but also blurring the matter of reality and truth to show how they are portrayed.
We will then join together for our recored dialogue and discuss our first ideas together and what pieces we have come up with away from one another. Hopefully from this discussion, we will then be able to progress our work from the advise given in this discussion."

Ive also made a pinterest board showing the resoruces we have discussed to use for the conversation on friday

Update Soon.

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