Saturday, 12 October 2013

12.10.13 - Development Work for Collaboration Project

Lazy Saturday work atmosphere turned out to be actually really helpful. I didn't really know where to start today so I just worked from the images that I had already in my research folder. I noticed that with the man ray photographs I was still working from that the women were fairly slender, thinking about the fact that my collab partner would be using the models seen in the classical paintings I decided to look into different body shapes.
These figures are taken from the sculptures of the ice age nudes that I had been advised to research, I used these contours to the go away and paint. I'm relieved with the outcomes, I think they feel a lot more 'womanly' like personally, rather then the sort of stick almost fashion illustration feel of some of the previous sketches.
 I'm really enjoying the shading work on the body but I just don't want things to become. Monotonous to early n the in project. I think when inert my partner in Monday we'll go through ideas and try to shake things up.

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