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12.10.13 - Recorded Dialogue Workshop Catch-up

Good afternoon.
Apologies for the lack of posts yesterday, but as i'm about to catch you up on we had our recorded dialogues yesterday.
Yesterday we had our workshop on recording dialogues. As me and my partner had already previously planned we came to the workshop with our work we had done previously the day before.
In the morning we had a talk from one of our lecturers Rachel Gannon on how to show our discussion in a creative way. I'll be the first to admit that this talk really through me off, it spoke a lot about the project being solely based around the discussion and actually almost reporting on the discussion between the two of us, but me and annabel had chosen a completely different path in that our conversations were shown through our work not the actual discussion. I left the talk feeling nervous that we had taken the brief in the wrong sense, but we were in a situation where we had already invested to much time into the project that there was no going back.
We then decided to crack on and start our discussion.
We had a bit of trouble getting a quiet area for us both to work so appolgies for the backround noise but it was the quietest place we could find. We decided to record our discussion through a voice recorder on my phone (which i was very impressed at the quality of) and then from that afterwards, listen back to and take notes so we had lines and quotes to then take to our crits in the afternoon with.

Here is an online source for you to listen to the discussion:

Its incredibly cringe worthy listening to your own voice so you'll have to forgive me but i've only listened to the whole thing about twice and smack my head every time i stumble on my loud, overbearing words.

Incase you haven't got a spare 25 minutes to listen to the whole thing here are the notes i made:

  • "Annabel wanted to then look into how beauty is represented in magazines"
  • "Annabel thought the photocopies really flatten the image"
  • "The future of beauty is in fashion photography"
  • "Rachel's favourite piece of Annabels collage is her last piece (the most minimal)"
  • "How've you've worked with so little is really interesting (Rachel says to Annabel)"
  • "Annabel chosen to continue with the flatten b+w images"
  • "Only near the end of her work, did rachel think the images were developing (ran out of time)"
  • "Rachel was spending too long concentrating on the face, so painted over them."
  • "Rachel is a slow painter/ needs to branch out of A5"
  • "Rachel thought there was more to work from in the Man-Ray photographs as i knew who Patti Smith" is
  • "The close ups worked the best for Rachel"
  • "Blacked out face worked most effective to Annabel"
  • "Develop the work by focusing on skin tones and blurring out facial features"
  • "Looking at shapes of the body was interesting to rachel"
  • "Annabels pieces are a collection and rachel has more of a study or series"
  • "Develop into abstract figures"
  • "Short timescale got the most work out of Annabel"
  • "We will now go away and paint more minal and work on more minimal collages"
We then afterwards had our group crits with Rachel Gannon. We spoke about the fact that it didn't occur to myself and Annabel is that we didn't really have a specific enough subject matter. They liked the way that our conversation was through each others work in that we use each other's thoughts and advice to further each other's work but we needed to really refine ourselves to a tighter subject matter for what we wanted to show for the end of the project.
Rachel advise to look into the female gaze and gave us a few artists to research into to help us along the way which i'm now going to.
Update soon!

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