Thursday, 10 October 2013

10.10.13 - Working from home.

I've taken the conscious decision to work from home today.
Its the first week, i know everyone is going to be in the studio, catching up, talking with old friends and its just not going to be an atmosphere where i will be able to get work done.
In my first two years of university, i was one of a small group who made the decision to work in the studio every day, on a 9 - 5 routine, its what made the hours of the day work best for me was keeping a schedule, so next week i'll be going straight back to that, but i've made the choice to skip out the first week, let people find their spots and slide back in.
Since i'm working from home for the day, i'll keep a regular update on the blog today, not just a roundup at the end.
Todays to do list reads as such:
- Type up project summary of collab project
- Fill out "what inspires me sheet"
- Update blog on backlog of artist research
- Work from man-ray photographs
- Write out questions for tutorial on Monday.
- Print out timetable
(Rock n' roll day huh?!)
Update Soon.

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