Monday, 21 October 2013

21.10.13 - Aleksandra Waliszewska

Alexsandra is a polish graphic artist currently working in Warsaw. Her narrative gothic painterly style evokes a unsettling, eerie feel to the viewer, as if this is a snapshot of a much longer darker story.

I always try and find quotes from the artist that sum up why they might be relevant to my research. Here is a quote from an interview i found:

"I see a really strong sense of sublimated storytelling in your work, as if some of your drawings catch a ‘frame’, an insightful glimpse out of a longer, more complex narrative. Is that the case? Do you too see it as a bit of larger picture? Are you familiar with the work of Raymond Pettibon at all?
I'm more interested in depicting states of emotion. Narratives tend to arise by themselves, they kind of evolve by their own will. I know several works by Raymond Pettibon. When I was a teenager I made a hand-done copy of his Sonic Youth cover on a friend’s t-shirt."

Her use of storytelling in her paintings is so explicit. Its a lot more direct than i could ever imagine to be but i had to include her in my research for yet again evoking a mood and response out of me when viewing them.

The gloomy, murky colors give off so much description without even focusing on the actual scene thats being depicted. I think if you were to crop out the actual figures and main points that get across the narrative, you would still have an amazing sense of what was going on.

Update Soon.

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