Wednesday, 30 October 2013

30.10.13 - Plant Cells Patterns

Hello Again.
Well aren't these just lovely things to look at.
After looking at my pattern making i was trying to use in abstract way to give the general feeling of an unearthly place, i was showing a few people from the class in the studio, one of my friends suggested that they looked like plant cells.
Its one of those links that i hadn't even thought of in my head but can really see now.
Its also a really lovely link in that most of the poems from Ovid are set in the greek woods where the nymphs live and the gods come down and rack havoc.
Its such a lovely way to look into drawing the scene but not having to just draw endless trees (which i have already done and gets really tedious very quickly)
When looked at in a visual way rather then scientific way, they're really beautiful and have such lovely patterns in them already.
These anatomical drawings i found from radio lab I'm going to work from and make some of my won patterns taking elements from them to put together with the figure from the poems.
really interested to see where this leads.
Update Soon!

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