Monday, 21 October 2013

21.10.13 - Kaye Blegvad

Kaye Blegvad is practising illustrator and jewelry maker working in London and New York.She mainly works in painting but branches out to ceramics and publishingHer subject topics vary but there is always a leading theme of looking at the more darker and bizarre things revolving life.I found a really great part of an interview she was doing with "needsupplyblog"
"You focus a lot on female characters, what happens to them and the various people, things and emotions they encounter, even their general attitudes towards life. Can you speak to this a little bit?
KB: I always struggle a bit with how to talk on this. On the one hand, it feels fairly straightforward – I’m female, so it’s what I know, and basically, I’m just not that interested in drawing or telling stories about men. But of course, you can’t make work that’s really female-led and not realise that you’re saying something by doing so. My drawings are sometimes a bit gory, and having a woman being the violent protagonist feels kinda great – I like drawing powerful, unpredictable women. I don’t just want to draw pretty girls hanging out in nice dresses, I want them to be a bit dangerous or sinister, too. There’s a lot of cliches about being female, being a feminist, and particularly being a female illustrator. I try to fight that a little bit in my work. Not that it doesn’t feel good to draw something girly now and then – it totally does. But I want to make things a little subversive as well. I’m really not interested in sugar coating things."
I think i can relate to this a lot in my own work, which is what drew me to Kaye's work in the first place i think.
With wanting to dip my toe somehow into the world of sequential illustrations this piece above really drew me in. I think my steriotypical arsehole hat made me think that all sequntial illustrations would be graphical and have a comic book feel to them, but this one doesn't.It also majorly embodies something i was talking to Chris about when i had my one to one. We spoke briefly about taking the contemporary edge to my work into something more edgy, and spoke about one of the myths where juno and jove are talking and love and relationships while staring at two snakes fighting on the ground.Chris advised taking that into a modern form and having the subject wearing snake skin shoes and so on and so forth.This piece above show a women wearing a fur coat, and then being eaten by the animal on her fur coat, which is funny. It also links in with the theme of all the Ovid stories "metamorphoses" turning into something else out of exquisite emotion.Its such an effective way of showcasing the actual physical change from one form to another.

Tre Interesting.....

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