Thursday, 28 November 2013

28.11.13 Final Outcomes.

Hello Again!
So, these are the final, finished outcomes!
God, it feels good to write that.
Thats not to say i haven't enjoyed the project, quite the opposite infact, i think this was the most energetic and productive project i've done in the whole time i've been at uni but with that enjoyment comes satisfaction that its finished.
I decided to go with the text and image layouts as my final as i think its a outcome that shows the most resolution in my work.
The whole project seemed to be about development and resolving problems you've encountered throughout the project, and i think that these demonstrate that well.
I had so many problems throughout the project with layout planning and text placing and font choices that my resolution to all these problems was resolved in these final images.
Im really pleased with how the finals came out, i think the placement of text on each one gives the spot illustration room to breathe and still equals out the page.
The font choice came so late in the project that its a shame i didn't get to put more information about where it came from and show development of choice, but i still don't think that takes away from the fact that it was the perfect choice for the images.
I think after i've had my work back i'll take photos of my portfolio also as i'm really pleased with the whole presentation of all my work.
I spent more time than normal putting together all my work and i think it has shown.
So, yes!
Thats BA7 done and dusted!
It won't go too quiet on the blog, fear not.
I will still be doing work for the stew gallery print sale and also exciting news hopefully to come about an editorial opportunity that's come about!
Update Soon! (but not as soon ;] )

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