Friday, 15 November 2013

14.11.13 - Pop-Up Exhibition Desicions

Hello again.
So i seem to be always writing these post now, the morning after before everyone gets into the studio, i just have no energy when leaving the studio at 6pm, you can understand this right?
Being honest,i had a rough day work wise yesterday.
I did get some good development work done, which I'm pleased with and will share on the blog as soon as i have the time to save all the files as JPEG's but printing wise i did not.
Being honest once more, i am out of my depth here, when it comes to the technical side. I have no clue what I'm doing when i comes to printing, I've picked up chunks of information here and there from friends but I'm worried its just going to be to much for me.
And its not really something i can just flake out on as it completely alters the final image and makes it look crappy.
Hurumph, very annoying.
Update Soon.

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