Tuesday, 5 November 2013

05.11.13 - Research report Outline + Review Group Feedback

Research Report Outline

Chosen style of writing: Extended Essay


“How to read hidden narratives. – A breakdown of what goes into Narrative Art.”

“Is a Hidden Narrative still used in a symbolic way in current art and illustrations?”

“Has Hidden Narratives in art has moved forewords and is it still effective?”

“Are Metaphors and Symbolism still used as effectively in Modern Art and Illustration”

Breakdown of Research Report

Looking into the effectiveness of hidden narrative, starting with the first use of symbolism to tell narrative in religious and renaissance paintings. Then, moving onto into key elements used in hidden narrative with key examples, then finally showcasing the use of hidden narrative in modern art and illustration and concluding on whether it is still used as effectively.

Chapter One: History of Hidden Narrative
- Religious paintings
- Depictions of gods and myths in renaissance paintings
- Royalty portraiture (?)

Chapter Two: Key elements of consideration in Hidden Narratives
- Place
- Objects and their meanings
- Colour
- Body language
- Composition
Show clear usage of each element throughout art history and discuss the paintings symbolism.

Chapter Three: How hidden narrative is still used in current art and illustration.
Narrative illustration (?)
Sequential illustration (?)
Are these topics chosen to go into publishing (oh comely?)

Is it still used as effectively?

Reference books
- Symbolism by Michael Gibson
- How to read contemporary art by Michael Wilson
- How to understand a painting by Francoise Barbe-Gall (?)
- Art in Theory: 1900 - 2000 by Harrison and Wood
- The secret language of Art by Sarah Carr-Gomm

So today was mostly spent going though our research reports with one another in a group review session.
The main feedback (as always) is that the whole thing needs to be simplified down, which i completely agree with.
One thing that Chris advised to go along with in the development of Hidden Narrative against earlier uses of it.
I think i will be putting more information about the report on my blog, as when I'm working on it, the blog goes quiet as I'm buried away with my head in book somewhere. So sorry but theres going to be a little bit more writing on the blog
I'll keep you up to date with how things go.

Update Soon.

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