Friday, 8 November 2013

08.11.13 - Overlapping Images: Ben Howard Album Artwork.

Hello again.
Its friday and i have only about 20% of my list crossed off with things i was supposed to do this week so today is going to be a busy day!

I thought i would start off the day by showing this image i came across yesterday while walking home.
I had my shuffle on this popped up.
I've done some research and the illustration is by Owen Tozer, who seems to do all of Ben Howards artwork and merchandise.
Im not particularly drawn to anything else in his work, but this image worked for me.
I have been using the Photoshop layers alot in my work recently but have been trying to use it in a way that doesnt look like its been done on purpose.
When i saw this it occurred` to me that i should use them to my advantage rather then trying to hide the fact its been done on a software.

I haven't got around to getting my drawings started for "Proserpina" poem yet, but i really want to use this effect in some way for that interior illustration.

So yes, i hope you will see a lot more blog post today.
Update (very) Soon!

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