Thursday, 14 November 2013

14.11.13 - Female Figure Sculptures

Hello again.
So today, i'm trying to rework some old images so that they work better with the images i've already selected to move forwards for finals.
The decision that i've come to is that the Juno figure that i have been drawing throughout the project and trying to develop is not work with the images that i've chosen to take forward.
So im going back to the drawing board and looking for fresh new ideas to generate some different drawings.
I've noticed that the other images are using outlines with only specific little touches adding some detail to the images.
I want to today, work on a female figure outline that i think will be in more keeping with what's going on.
I've previously looked into female sculpture and have been told by peers that my drawings have a naive cave man drawing feel to them, which i love the idea of.
These female figure sculpture which range from ancient greek to mexico all have a really lovely feel to them without being so obviously in how they would draw a female figure. They're strange proportions and have a contemporary abstract feel to them that i'm so drawn to.
I want to work from these sculptures to make an outline for my Juno figure.
I'll show you some drawings later!
Update Soon!

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