Friday, 1 November 2013

01.11.13 - More Juno development.

Hello again.
Its 3:30 at the moment, and I'm waiting for my one to one session on my work so i'll update you with a few more pictures on whats been going on.
So I'm still working through the plant cell paintings that i did yesterday, trying to find ones that work well with my pre existing figures ( i really need to get on and make more figure images to work with my patterns) and just playing around with colour and composition.

In the first piece I've put up today, is the one I'm most liking at the moment, i was trying to work with the painting that i had done on some of the structures i had done on the plant cells and i was trying to have it so that juno. the figure was somehow in the centre of the nucleus of the cells as she seems to be a centre point for all the character as she is Jove's wife. I also noticed while i was putting the images together on the computer that i had painting the nucleus red, just like how Jupiter (Jove) is in the solar system
I thought this was a really nice link of also showing the connection that Juno is always linked to Jove in some way. Plus they make a lovely contract together in that specific painting.
The two below are more colour and composition studies more than anything, its definitely the first one that i think has the most development.
I think i might do some very quick thumbnails of different compositions to try rather then just playing around with it on the computer, i want to put some thought into it rather then deciding what i like after I've painted it.
I do also have a few life drawing sketches from yesterday that i will hopefully be putting up later today/tomorrow.
Update Soon!

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