Monday, 11 November 2013

11.11.13 - Mark Herrald

Hello again.

After having a quick chat with Glyn this morning, we spoke about the layout designs that i had put together on Photoshop
We both agreed on that there is far to much text being put in these images and that i need to concentrate a lot more of my time on the actual development of the images
We also spoke about the fact that i should continue my process of pattern and mark making on all features that i wish to put in the interior illustrations as thats where my ideas were becoming most productive.
While we spoke, glyn showed me some work produced by Mark Herrald
These bird cards show print and pattern making to show the colours and plumage of the birds and how to get across the textures of the birds feathers.
This seems like a really fun route to go down and i look forward to making even more patterns to work from.
Update Soon.

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