Saturday, 2 November 2013

02.11.13 - Chat with Glyn

Hello again.

So yesterday i had my scheduled one to one with Glyn, it was about 5/5.30pm by the time we got to talk, so my head was a bit frazzled but we seemed to get enough spoken about.
I had earlier printed out some of the developing photoshop work so we could both look through them, the quality came out so terribly when i printed them out, i need to work out how i'm going to get around the printing out the illustrations in the future as i can see it being a really annoying problem that i wont know how to fix.
We spoke about the fact that the colours and overall layering technique is working well, but that some of the meaning to the patterns were not clear enough. Glyn advised that because its poetry that can be taken in different ways, it might make sense to make some of the patterns and their meaning of what they were a little clearer.
This, i'll be honest makes life easier for myself but is also a little bit frustrating. It was picked up on a fair few times last year that i was being to literal with my illustrations and that i needed to think more out of the box, so ive tried really hard this time to take a more abstract approach and take real thought into what i will use to visually symbolise certain parts of the story. But, it clearly isn't clear enough, so its two steps forward, one step back in a way, which is still progression, if not slow.
We also spoke about the fact that the composition is leaning towards just being dropped in the centre of the page, which is totally right as i've just been doing this exactly with the photoshop layers, so i'll be working on that next week. Also on the fact that the figure in the Juno illustrations needs to have more feminine features to her figure to represent more of her character, which can also be tweaked to help the audience understand a little more.
So in essence, to work on next week:
- bolder mark making (different sized brushes)
- work on figure/character drawing
- be brighter with colours (look at chris corr and alfred wallace)
- more clear symbols to setting a scene
- continue development on other 3 interior illustrations.

We then went on to talk about my research report, and i spoke about that i knew around abouts where i wanted to go with my title and that i wanted to look at hidden narratives and symbolism in art. Glyn advised that it was unclear what "hidden narratives" was and that my use of the phase made it sound like it was an art movement, so i needed to be more clear with what kind of art that i meant, but its really hard to describe because the intangible thing im trying to talk about is spread through art as a whole so widely!
So thats annoying.
I think i need to make life a bit easier for myself as start to break down a specific subject to look at, but i just don't know it yet.

Anyway, its saturday. Im working from bed today in fairisle print leggings and my big cosy scarf, leave me alone, i don't want to talk about essays, god.

Update Soon.

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