Friday, 8 November 2013

08.11.13 - Layout Thumbnails

Hello again.
So i know the photographs might not make it look like much but these are clear directions moving forwards for the work.
As i might of let on earlier in the week I'm getting a bit stuck with just constantly going over the same two images and tweaking them slightly on photoshop over and over again.
I needed to move forwards and Ive actually done that by taking one step back.
Ive come to the decision today that I'm not going to continue with 5 interior illustrations.
At the moment, i want to only take ahead 4, so I'm cutting Actaeon from the five.
I want to give my attention to quality over quantity, so Ive made very quick thumbnails of ways i can present the illustrations in the book.
Initially i was just going to have the illustrations taking up whole glossy pages within the book but now i think i want to play about with layout, i feel it will give more to the illustrations and also add to the book.
I feel like since I'm working with poetry, i can work with the pacing of the poems. They have already been broken down structurally to short sentences on each lines and my illustrations could work well around this,
Today Ive drawn up 3 of the 4 interiors into 6 thumbnails and from this, will take 3 of them forwards into development on photoshop.
Now bear with me as i have absolutely no idea how I'm going to make plans of book layouts so this is a bump I'm hoping i can get over quickly.

Update Soon!

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