Tuesday, 5 November 2013

05.11.13 - Female Figure Studies

After my one to one session with Glynn on friday we spoke about making my figure more feminine for the representation of Juno.
After spending most my time this week working on getting information for my 1000 draft of my research report, I've come across these pieces while researching and they really stood out to me.
Im planning on doing a whole separate post on finding Gauguin while going this project, but the outline used in this top painting (named"the woman in waves") is a stylised version of the female form that i can appreciate.
Now, you have to understand, for the first break-in project i had to draw ALOT of female figures so i think subconsciously when it came to drawing a female for this project, i tried to draw the furthest thing away from what i had done previously.

The last two pieces i found while researching are strikingly similar.
The 2nd from last s a spread from issue 7 of NoBrow depicting men and women doing loads of weird and nasty things, but in very calming surroundings with cool and laid back colours
The last painting is by Felix Vallotton and i found when researching into symbolism. I really enjoy the figures at the front of the painting, they almost seem like they've been drawn by a different person from the ones at the back of the painting.
Use of simple lines to get across the basic nature of the difference in a female form is a big deal to me and i try to keep things as basic  on that level as possible because it gives me more control.
Anyway, i'll update you with some more feminine figure drawings for Juno later in the week.
Update Soon!

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