Thursday, 14 November 2013

13.11.13 - Colour Development

Hello again!
So i actually write this the morning after on the 14th as i was absolutely shattered yesterday from doing all full day of just editing ideas for what might become finals.
These are the images that i came up with yesterday.
After speaking to glyn a few weeks ago about refining my drawing style for the falling Phaethon image, i went away and found some reference materials of falling figures. I think because of this the images have turned out a lot more realistic, in the sense that they have so much more movement to them.
Out of all of the images above i think number 5 and 6 i'm the most happy with.
I think i can safely say at this point that i would be happy to have these as finals and i already have plans for getting the text within the images to look at some layout ideas.
Im, to be honest, not very happy with all the other images.
I think its good to put them on the bog because i need to show development of ideas, but i just don't think they are in keeping with the look im now going for.
I think im going to have to spend some time and re evaluate what i want on each of those pages, and keep them within a theme that will work as a cohesive set.
Anyway, guess that'll be what i'm doing today!
Update Soon!

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