Monday, 15 April 2013

Library workshop - Sally Faulkner + Sophie Calle.

These two very different books actually have some sort of comparison I noticed when up in the library earlier today.
Sally Faulkner's zine featuring an insight into the grub that we English eats depicts naive colourful paintings of all different types of things we eat.
Whereas Sophie Calle's very large, meaty book depicts one letter sent to herself from an old lover telling her that they can no longer be together. Throughout the book she analyses the text to an obsessive level, looking at every tiny details letting the natural path of curiosity be explored.

Both book and zine have analysed something pretty insignificant to many but when further looking into have become fascinating. I loved both pieces in very different ways!

(I would of really loved to of take the Sophie Calle book out buy my god! That book is about 3 bibles long and very heavy!)

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