Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Artist research - Violeta Lopiz

Violeta Lopiz is a well know Spanish illustrator and animator.
Now here's my problem, since her blog is completely in Spanish I actually don't know that much back story on her sadly.
What I do know is that her visual language in the way she tells story is amazing.
I fond this 5 minutes animation she had made while online researching for inspiration.
I find that whenever I'm uninspired or just lacking the feeling to do work, looking at other amazing artist really helps me

The animation:

Her blog:

There's one part of the animation that early stood out to me, when the story is being told both the people and the plants are moulded together to tell the narrative in a more calling and flowing sense. It was so beautifully composed, I so badly wish I could know what was being said over the top of the animation!

Even though I don't know what is being said I get the feeling that the man figure is some kind of forest spirit, giving the plants life.
I love the two are mixed together, it's so effective in a dream like child's story.
Very smart and really enjoyable to watch.

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