Monday, 15 April 2013

15.04.13 - workshop with Anna Bhushan

After the lecture in the afternoon we had a workshop looking into colour and using it with specific words.

We made a list of things to use and then what our specific thing we wanted to look at
Mine was:
Palace you love - home
Palace you dislike- doctors
A smell - garden
A person you know very well - mother
A famous person - Klimt
A taste - tea
A time of day - early morning
An early memory - blank
A month of the year - August.
A day of the week. - Monday.

We first played with colours and mixing, then started to use colours to describe our words, then we swapped with other students and tried to guess the words and then finally develop one word in a abstract way using the colour.

It was such a calm, but interesting workshop, really enjoyable workshop, I saw my opportunity to enjoy myself with patterns and grabbed at it. In the end I think I'm going to actually go back and develop more of the words and look at the patterns because it actually ended up that mot of the words I picked have some relation to my project so why not ey?

Not to brg but I'm actually really liking the semi circle pattern with peach and blue, I might have a play around with that on the tablet now,

Will update soon!

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