Friday, 5 April 2013


Hello in what seems forever.
Yet again, in typical rachel form. Another barrier has hit my work.
And I think this photo can sum it up for me.

I've been here, in bed for the past week and a half.
Last week, I threw my back out majorly. My whole lower back is locked up which has led to me either lying on standing in pain (or kneeled down on all fours like a dog but I try to keep some of my dignity)

A lot of codeine left my head spiny so, I've really not been feeling this project. ( annoyingly I've found the only thing that makes the pain go away is booze but thou shall never mix the two together again..)

So I've been staring at this little buggar for a week.
Sorry for the excuses guys. Will try to do better when my head is in one place.
Uni starts on Monday I have literally no idea what I'm going to do if my back is still out.
Really not looking forward to telling the lecturers ive basically lost a week of my schedule.

Oh dear.

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  1. Oh Lord, you're dog is a beauty. On the other hand, I hope you get better soon! x