Thursday, 25 April 2013

25.04.13 - forest inspiration.

Work I'll be honest with you is going a little slow.
Me and my flatmate are currently n the process of sorting out arrangements for moving out, it's stressful and boring and so are back pains.
The whole thing just seems like one big moan, so I apologise.
Because of this, I've not been in the tulip much this week, therefore works been slow, I have done a few sketches for the collab project as I don't want to let my partner down but only a few.
One thing I have got round to doing is researching more forest ideas.
When I had my tutorial last Friday I think all the ideas were a bit confusing to my lecturer Emily, she suggested simplifying it a little and concentrating less on the Japanese myths and more on the forests and woods as a visual thing.
This seemed a good idea so here's some fantastic photographs to the the visual inspiration ideas going again.

I think the one that stands out to me the most is the silver birch trees. I find them really strange, and unsettling tress to look at. Long, cold, but still beautiful.

I feel like this project is taking on almost all the factors I find unsettling and putting them all into me place, to signify a bad time in someone's life, and since I can only work with what I know to be daunting and scary, I want to visually show them in my work.

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