Tuesday, 16 April 2013

16.04.13 - new dawn new day.

Well today's been a day of revelations.
I feel like I've conquered more in this one day the in the whole 3 or so weeks that's been of this project.
I'm on a new routine of 3 ibroprofen every 4 hours which is working almost as we'll as the codeine but doesn't make me sleepy. So work is moving on better it seems.
I sat down in the morning to start my work as normal, making my list of the things I'd like t achieve today, and I was struck with how overwhelming and vast this whole project subjects been.
I feel like I change my mind on what I want t look into further each day. And it was getting tiresome.
I know I want to do something that feels right, something that makes me get excited and I find complicated but interesting. I knew when I started to be level headed and decide that I didn't want to draw nice happy things because I didn't feel nice and happy was the start of that interesting phase I could look into. I decided today to go into that more.
To look into more about maybe looking at pain and distress in a symbolic way. And still keeping the feeling of warmth and comfort I feel when I arrive home.
I started to think how could I show pain in a symbol, as an object, as an actual thing you could draw and look at and associate with.
I searched online (which I'll go into further detail) about myths and symbols associated with death. This lead to a whole world of different things j found fascinating and could see my project relating to.
So basically, I've not changed my whole subject idea as such, but its definitely progressing down a completely different path I hadn't expected, a lot darker, more narrative rather then authorial as such.
Really exciting and really interesting, trust me on this one I think it's going to get better.
Update very soon!

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