Thursday, 18 April 2013

18.04.13 - Thursday all day workshop.

Today's workshop was a long but productive one.
The brief was to produce 4 double page spreads by 4pm.
We were asked to use image and text and look at scale and composition.

Now I knew in the back of my mind that I wanted to experiment my drawings with some sort of sequential style. I think the first has such a rich history to it that I couldn't help but develop it into some sort of narrative.
My plan was to do very quick thumbnails, then sketch out the ideas in pencil, then move onto watercolour. This was a wee bit unrealistic now thinking about it.
When I started to sketch up the composition, I released that working with the pencils really helped me look at scale and tone and perspective. I probably got to much not this and ended up not even finishing my 4 double page spreads
BUT! I am happy that I spent my time on them, it has really help put my head into the mindset of seeing progression through my work.
Also working in the pencils really made me want to try charcoal as I know in the end I'll end up using colour but I think charcoal will really bring out the atmosphere in the piece.

I had quite good feedback from the class, and that using colour would be the only improvement, so that worked out great for me!
I know I'm slacking a bit with the blog for yesterday and today but I will update at the weekend more thoroughly I promise.
Update soon!

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