Tuesday, 16 April 2013

16.04.13 - sketchbook.

Today's sketchbook work.

You can really see my progression of ideas today I think.

I started off from yesterday thinking and about pattern and colour and home looking at the shape known to all as home and block patterning it behind my self. Quite cliche but you have to get the shit ideas out first don't you.
Then I started to think bout symbols that represented home to me and drew them around my head all floating in the air as if it were my thoughts.
This lead to the discussion with my table about all the iconography/ symbols we think of for distress and pain, and the mood and colours that we were exploring from the previous day.

This then led to me getting onto the computer and finding about about the sea of black trees. And that started all my ideas going. I looked at forests and how I was going to portray them in a dark, depressing way. This also lead to the ideas of the crows, something following you from above almost like a vulture eating off your sadness and pain.
I started sketching out ideas and compositions and colours.
Hopefully tomorrow I will keep developing the drawings, I hope to keep reeling them out while they are fresh in my head.
Update soon.

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