Monday, 15 April 2013

15.04.13 - guest lecture - Anna Bhushan

Today we had a great lecture from Anna Bhushan, it was a fantastic and intriguing lecture, right from the start when she spoke about her relationship with colour and how the role of it is used in her pieces it was like hearing the way I had wanted to explain my own work but said so much more articulating and understanding to others but had never been able to say!
It was like a clog had just fell into place, and was also really struck by how the work I was making yesterday in a bad mood could relate to it all so much.

Here are my notes:

15.04.13 - anna busham lecture
Authorial practice.
Workshop on colour later.
Looks at feeling and mood and uses colour as a vehicle to communicate that.
Likes far harrowing subject matter.
Laura carlin - google.
Book on relationships on two levels working with Laura
Uses Colours to communicate feeling through shape and feelings and patterns.
Symbolic and abstract way of working along with a narrative and visual language.
Colour -
loved using colour, think about using it consciously,
Create a focal point, by using contrast by light and dark or colour.
Used colour to create a sense of scene.
Composition - sketch out something that feel right with the shapes and then develops from that.
Uses symbols to describe complex narrative.
Colours help you paint smells feelings thoughts
Miniature Indian painting - bright and harmonious colours.
Romance and nostalgia and sentimentality
Idealised world
Avoid what the norms are. - nature is not that clearly made.
Don't make the colours literal - think about seasons and times of day.
Editorial work -
does not make figurative work for controversial subject.
Works with lots of different roughs and then this organically turns into a final piece.
If the subject is boring work with colour and mark making.
Narrative approach - analogy of you can't work with the subject then make a story for it to work for you - let colour play an important role.
Authorial work -
Indian mythology
Cells that are happening. Your body as a visual thing.
Abstract pieces with little parts of narratives
Colours used to symbolises certain forces of nature - black static dead - red active dynamic - white - still pure

I know it might seem all jibberish but it really did make sense to me ha.

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