Thursday, 31 October 2013

31.10.13 - Patterns and Outlines.

Hello again.
Here are some of the initial paintings from today and earlier in the week
As usual blogger is being annoying and not putting them in chronological order, so take my word that the Juno figures were drawn earlier in the week and the colour abstract paintings of the plant cells were done this morning.
My plan is to take the plant cell paintings and integrate them into the photoshopped layered pieces.
The blog might be seeming a little thin on the ground this week but its been mainly to do with that my evenings are spent reading long (boring) books on the theory of art for the research report and lugging them home from the forum.
So bare with me okay guys!?
Update Soon.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

30.10.13 - "Milleneufcentquatrevingtquatre"

Well these just put everything on this blog to shame don't they.
Now you're going to have excuse that i have such a minimal ammout of information about these designers as everything i can find on them, is in french.
"Milleneufcentquatrevingtquatre - We are Amelie Charroin and Marie Colin-Madan, born in 1984. Since 2009, we offer collections of square of silk manufactured in France."
I found this quote on the website that sums up their influences:

"Our images are inspirated by history of painting, architecture, traditional patterns of silkscreened square of silk, but our first influences are more contemporary, our own lives, our daily lives. Nature that we are fantasizing, blogs we are following, movies, music, videos."

But look at these colours! What a gorgeous mix of creamy shades.
These abstract scarf patterns look like trendy album covers to me, i was just browsing online and saw these and had to put them in the blog.
The use of strange perspective points and surrealism feel of some of the settings really gets my mind working. Lovely stuff.
Update Soon.

30.10.13 - Plant Cells Patterns

Hello Again.
Well aren't these just lovely things to look at.
After looking at my pattern making i was trying to use in abstract way to give the general feeling of an unearthly place, i was showing a few people from the class in the studio, one of my friends suggested that they looked like plant cells.
Its one of those links that i hadn't even thought of in my head but can really see now.
Its also a really lovely link in that most of the poems from Ovid are set in the greek woods where the nymphs live and the gods come down and rack havoc.
Its such a lovely way to look into drawing the scene but not having to just draw endless trees (which i have already done and gets really tedious very quickly)
When looked at in a visual way rather then scientific way, they're really beautiful and have such lovely patterns in them already.
These anatomical drawings i found from radio lab I'm going to work from and make some of my won patterns taking elements from them to put together with the figure from the poems.
really interested to see where this leads.
Update Soon!

29.10.13 - Layering Day

Hello again!
Another day spent doing development work from the initial drawings about the different passages.
Im just to bluddy tired as its 6:12pm and I'm still at the studio so i'll update you later.

Update 30.10.13: Hello again, fresh faced at 9:30 this morning so i think i can talk a little clearer then last night.
I haven't actually put that i was working till late because i lost about an hour and a half of my work yesterday which was slightly frustrating, but i think that I've almost been able to get back what I've done again.
I was still trying to work with the layers, but this time looking at the character Juno in "Echo and Narcissus"
I already had a clear image in my head of one of the idea i wanted to look at in this illustration, and when i have an already identifiable image in my head, it just helps to get it out and draw it or i'll just always be thinking of it.
I first spent some time doing my initial water colour drawings, and now knowing the knowledge of how to put together the layers, decided to draw the objects on their own so i had more control of them when it came to putting them together on photoshop.
Im slightly intentionally trying to keep a colour pallet going for each illustration. I had looked at blues and greys for Phaethon as it had that dark celestial feel to the passage. For echo and narcissus its focuses around longing and unrequited love. With this in mind i wanted to look at warmer colours, and with this illustration focusing on the start of the tale, where Juno curses Echo to repeat the last words she hears another person say, quite a lot of the focus i wanted to have on Juno.
Researching into Juno as a character on her own i think will need some time dedicated to it if i wish to have her as a central point to this passage.
But keeping the images all having a similar feel to them i used the patterns from the previous paintings and some new ones to give that similar unearthly effect.
As as well at this point i didn't want to give Juno that much of an identity, inept her a ghostly figure just to represent her being surrounded by the words she's saying to Echo.
I think these have come out well, I'm happy with how the Photoshop effect is bringing together all the elements i wanted in my illustrations, I'm just now trying to think of ways i can develop them further and continue the learning journey with them.

Update Soon!

Monday, 28 October 2013

28.10.13 - Thinking Day

Hello again.

As you've already seen, today was mostly spent on the comuter and speaking to glyn about my research report and then getting on with some initial ideas
I'll include some of my mind mapping but im not to sure wether to go into detail on my dissertation on the blog? hmmm, thoughts?
Anyway, heres my mind.

I thought i would also include my weekly schedule thing i have been advised to keep.
After meeting with Karen, we spoke about the best way for me personally, to get the most out of my time was to keep a outline of what needs to be done, and what you are going to do and when.
So heres the plan:

  • List of different things needed in each of the five illustrations, key points to consider for illustration
  • Initial drawing for each of the five illustrations
  • Development of colours on Photoshop/ general colour theme for five illustrations
  • Title for my research report
  • Brain storm of ideas and themes the report could take
  • General secondary research into chosen topic
  • Look at what emotions are being used in each of the illustrations
    Make links with these emotions to specific paintings and artists
  • 2 Artist studies on the blog
    Sum up of where ideas are going blog post
  • Write up Monday morning lecture with Glyn
  • Sequential illustration blog
  • Oh comely blog post
Its almost a sneak peak into what will be coming on the blog really?
Should i include any of this?
Tbh with you i just felt like i had a to write a blog post about my day so it showed i had done something, how weird is that?!

Anyway, im off for soup.
Update soon!

28.10.13 - Photoshop development

Hello again.
After taking the weekend off to have a breath of fresh air at home, I've come back and decided to continue working through my old illustrations with photoshop.
These are the developing images that i have made this morning.
The first two are my continuing development for Phaethon but the last one is actually from an old text that I've decided to no longer work with.
I just wanted to spend my morning getting more of a good grasp on photoshop and the possibilities i could have with it
I think the one with the most potential is the 2nd one.
i wanted to show Phaethon falling through the space and work on making a pattern out of repetition.
i think the pop of colour with the figure in pinkish red shade works as a great contrast to the blue that represents that "limbo" like space spoke about through the poem.
Update Soon!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

24.10.13 - All Hail Photoshop.

Hello again.
So yesterday, i had a little bit of serious development.
After spending time going through some pattern making and figure drawing, my friend and peer Chiara advised that the patterns might work well if i was to layer them on top of each other on Photoshop. Now my knowledge of all things online is seriously limited. I just do what i know, and know what i do.
But after speaking to Chiara and having her help me through some of the main things i could use it for i was so happy with the outcomes.
It gave me the ability to see what all the aspects of the drawing i had done that day would look like if they were laid ontop of eachother
it also gave me the ability to play with colours and composition which were two things i really wanted to look into for this project.
Below, i have screen shotted some of the outcomes that i was playing around with yesterday afternoon. This is just the start of my process so  understand if some of them look a little bit over the top but i was just so driven to see the whole range of outcomes could come from the layering process.
My plan now is to continue doing my watercolours and then assemble them together as i had these ones.
Real progression was finally made yesterday, so its really given me that boost that i think was needed.
Update Soon!