Sunday, 22 September 2013

BA7 - Hello Again

Hello again,to the blog and is what is to become, my final year of university project! (gulp!)
I come to the blog today with a few weeks worth of information to get down and bring you up to speed on, so there might be a strange timeline for the first few posts but getting all the information in order will be tricky!

This, basically is the start of a new project, my final project and i write this having a short understanding on what i think i might do this on.

As you can imagine, this is a hugely overwhelming task to have in front of you....

"Okay, so over the summer guys, we want you to start thinking about what you want to look into for your final project" - Oh you mean that thing we have to do that determines (pretty much) our whole grade for university, and that will somehow tie in with our dissertation? The longest and most thorough piece of writing i will have ever written? Oh and make sure its interesting enough so that you don't lose focus halfway through your year?
Oh.... no big deal.. I'll have that sorted for you while trying to balance a social life and a job and the stress of moving back home, NO BIG DEAL.
(and breathes)
So as you can imagine, like any normal human being i avoided even thinking about the whole thing for at least a month, solely working at a boring customer service call centre talking exchange rates with irate customers.
Its only in the last few weeks have things really started to get rooted into my brain box so bare with me if its all over the place

But yes! We are back!

And i have three words for you...

Greek Mythology, people.

p.s heres a photo of my dog to lighten the mood.
p.p.s i'm thinking of redesigning the blog so stay turned for that.