Sunday, 20 April 2014

20.04.14 - A Little Bit More

Hello There
Managed to fit in a few more images while finishing off my other things!
Thought i would upload them for now and talk about it later.
Upload Soon!

Friday, 18 April 2014

18.04.14 - Lets Get Colourful

Hello There
Worked on some bigger, bolder designs today.
This work makes me so happy.
Update Soon!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

17.04.14 - Embriodery Progression

Hello There
Apologies for not the most beautiful of photographs.
Ideally, i think i would like to scan this piece in so show off how shiny it really in in the flesh, but we'll just have to do with this for now.
So, what you are looking at there, is FAR to many hours of needlework, it doesn't seem right to me anymore to spend longer than a day on something.
Im really happy with how it looks, the textures of the thread are giving some life to these abstract patterns and colours, its a dimension i thought my work would never take, and is as far away as you can be from your bog standard embroidery pattern.
Obviously with this being my first ever venture into embroidery, you can tell in this development peice that i'm new to the game, but i don't think that top right corner is to far off being to a pretty good standard!
I have more plans where where i want to go with all of this, i'll keep you in the loop. (ey, ey)
Update Soon!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

16.04.14 - Round and around

Hello There
Thought i would put in some developed work that Ive been working on recently.
It seems that in my sketchbook I've been drawing as if my surface designs were going to be something else already, drawing them in enclosed circles as if they were ceramics or fabric designs already.
And i like it!
Its something new for me to focus on
Which seems to be the ever needing thing in my work to keep momentum going!
Anyway, not much to say, other then whenever i look at my work from this final part of third year, it all looks like every project I've done in uni, is getting to its closing point.
Really fulfilling.
Update Soon!

Monday, 14 April 2014

14.04.14 - Hand Drawn Backtrack

Hello There
So, since working from home, i've definitely noticed a difference in my style of work.
I've seem to backtrack into putting handdrawn "iffits" into work.
Dont get me wrong, i dont hate them, its just not in keeping with what i was trying to go for in this final exhibition.
Bummer, waste of a day.
Update Soon.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

12.04.14 - Ceramics Up To Now.

Hello There
So its hard to keep you updated on how the development of the ceramics is going, there's not really development,in the sense of that i make one thing which then gets changed by the course of events to the next one, but i just see where the day of making them takes me and when it comes to a point of collecting them all together, this is what we've got.

So as you can see, i have tried working with both bright colours and more muted colours, when talking to others about the end of degree exhibition, i think people assumed that bright colours on the images means for the ceramics to tie in they also need to be bright. But, I'm really more enjoying these shapes when they are in more muted tones, i think it gives them more grace and a softer and more fragile feeling.

I have absolutely-no-bloody-clue what or where I'm going with these pieces. I definitely need a sit down and plan of action with someone, I'm free falling into modelling clay.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

03.04.14 - Hump Day

Its been a strange couple of weeks.
I have been feeling like i have a million things to do and i'm getting nowhere.
After a productive start of the week i've hit a bit of a hump.
I did have my work sent off to be printed onto fabric, and had what i now know as too high of expectations for them, and when they returned to me... kind of looking like cheap bedsheets (as i didn't have a clue what type of fabric to print onto) i was downtrodden.

I have extremely high expectations as to what i would like to achieve for my final exhibition, and now looking back, i think i have once again bitten off more then i can chew.

With my plan to be to create an area that stands as a marker of my visual identity and a space that shows my work in different capacities, i've branched into, fabric, ceramics, set design, and my original artwork.

Trying to balance the four, is making my mind melt.

So, with a sigh of dissapointed, i think im going to have to take a step back from the fabrics. With only 7 weeks to go and apparently having to wait 5 weeks to even see what the next round of fabric printing will look like, i just don't think i have time to concentrate on something that i just don't feel i have enough control on.

It definitely threw me off, it was a big disappointed as i had such high hopes for it coming out well and clear ideas of what my exhibition space could look like.

But, because i now will have more time to concentrate on my other areas, i'm going full swing into the ceramics.

I've just gone and bought about 8 packets of clay and up above you'll see the 2nd batch that i made yesterday. I have to admit as well, i thoroughly enjoy making them, its utterly a calming experience and so enjoyable to make, paint and assemble, and i personally think the perfect step up onto my work to give it something extra for the exhibition.

And also, as this is the final two days before the easter break of 3 weeks, the pressure is really on!
I'm in the process of getting all of the work together and deciding what to put forward for the exhibition and my portfolio for finals.

Its quite hard deciding what's good enough to call a final and what's just practice work with the designs im making at the moment so i think that will be a long process.

Anyway, enough rambling, the plan of action for today is to continue exploring the air dry clay pots and see where it takes me.

Update Soon!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

01.04.14 - Wall Display Ideas Inspiration.

Hello Again

As previously mentioned, i've been thinking about how i want to display my work when it comes to the exhibition space.

While browsing online at blogs, i saw this ingenious way of framing work on a wall in a new and exciting way.

Using tape to make a flat to the wall frame to show work seems like a great way of me displaying wallpaper if i choose to go down that path for my designs.

I bluddy love it.

Just thought i would quickly put this up and on the blog just to keep it fresh in my mind.

Update Soon.

(Images Taken from

01.04.14 - Aesthetics of Assembly.

The more time i've been spending thinking about my exhibition space as a whole, the more i have been focusing on assembling my made objects in a creative way also.

To practice, i've been taking small scale photographs of how i might have them assembled for the end exhibition.

I want to include some type of decorative ideas along with my work and make a space that really encapsulates all the ideas that i work around.

This image taken earlier, i've tried to include some of the ideas that i want to take forward such as textures alongside the ceramics (woods, soft furnishings) and mixing them along with actual flowers to get a soft feel of the FLORA/FAUNA theme.

I think giving the 3D designs as area for them to really be appreciated is important in getting the tone suggested with my work.

Im going to continue to photograph smaller ideas throughout the work as it really puts things into perspective for me.

Update Soon.