Monday, 31 March 2014

31.03.14 - Continued Image Making for FLORA/FAUNA

After a upbeat and postive group crit with Peter today, i sat down and made some more images out of my recent further colour studies.
Always continuing to find new colour palettes that excite me and want to make me keep delving further into surface design.
Taking inspiration from the images that i found in BLOOM magazine of the plant cells under the microscope i've tried really bringing out those psychedelic colours that really make your eyes open wide.

I just constantly want to see these images massive pinned up on a wall, an expensive desire but they just call out for larger scales.

I haven't thought very much into if i want to keep these images on paper or take some of them further into fabrics.

I'll have a think and get back to you

Update Soon!

Friday, 28 March 2014

28.03.14 - Time for Colour

Hello Again.

So i decided to add some colour to the clay shapes and decorate with simple black patterns to get some effects right.

Im so happy with how they've turned out. The more i access them, they are definitely a decorative thing, i dont think im going to branch them out into full on tableware designs which was one of the initial ideas i had when starting with 3D experiments.
Im enjoying the process of arranging them and making patterns on patterns, really taking care and time into how i place them for viewing. I think smaller groups of ell throughout palettes of scale and colour are the way to go forward with them.

Its a really fun and exciting time at the moment with my work, i'm enjoying this whole new side to my work that i've never seen before.

Update Soon!

Monday, 24 March 2014

24.03.14 - One on One Tutorial with Glyn.

Today, i had my first one on one tutorial in quite some time, as spoken about before the past few weeks we have been having group crits so it felt nice to be a bit more calm and collected looking through my work.
I spoke to Glyn about my new brief ideas and that i wanted to look into making a curated collection of objects and areas showcasing my work to how it can be commented in different ways, and showed my ceramics that I've been working on.
All went very well and pleasant, and we spoke about maybe looking down the route of window displays and set designs so i can get a feel of how to put together a small space.

Im really excited to start something, by the end of the D&AD brief, things felt like they were really dragging out so it feels awakening to get something new started.

Hopefully in the next week or so i can look into window displays and start thinking about all the different ways i can showcase my surface designs, i have a lot of ideas flaring around at the moment so i think it will be clarifying to get a list of everything to ensemble together.

I also will be working around the theme of "FLORA/FAUNA" for my window display, something i had been playing around with since the early days of BA8.

Update Soon.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

22.03.14 - Simple Skincare's Cleansing Wipes Illustration Brief.

Hello Again.

I have a abrupt post to publish on a completely new project brief i have taken on.

An email was sent out to all the students making them aware of a competition brief to design a limited edition pack of Simple Skincare's Cleansing Wipes.

With only 5 days to produce and finalise the outcome, i thought i would dive head in and see what i could come up with on such a short notice project.

I write the post on the day of finishing the outcomes.

Taking in mind that i had just come out of a intense brief such as the D&AD I'm not to sure that in hind sight this was the best idea for me.

I am happy with the outcomes but i don't think they are the best thing i could of produced if i had given the project more time and energy.

The brief only allowed 3 colours, and the people at simple made it very clear that the company was a white and green aesthetic, so it left me with very little room to work with.

Seeing as the work i have been producing lately is completely colour based this was a harder task then first thought.

Im probably most happy with the 3rd image from the list below, but it just didn't feel very "simple" to me, as an illustrator and as a customer.
I chose in the end to go with the final image from the list below.
A very, sweet, but simple pattern design that incorporated some of the themes that the brief sent.

I feel no different coming out of the brief, it went so fast and didn't really have that much to give me that I'm not annoyed that the outcome wasn't as great as i would of liked it to have been.

Move on and upwards to much greater things coming up in my work!

Update Soon.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

18.03.14 - Paper Mache Prototypes

Hello Again

So after reassesing the fact that i want to try new and creative ways of displaying my surface designs, ive decided to make some experiments with paper mache of the different ways i can look into branching into 3D.

Yes, these do look very "primary school" i agree, but they were great fun and such a release after spending about a month straight staring a photoshop for 7 hours a day.

I think they are getting across very lightly  ideas of what i had in mind. I always wanted the objects to look handmade and non perfect but i would still like them to have a lot more weight to them.

Think i will continue on with some air-day clay next.

Update Soon.


Hello Again.

So, he we are.
The Final Five.

After all those weeks, we finally made it.
Im really happy with the final five poster designs, yes i'll admit that after... god 10 weeks(?) i am quite sick of looking at them. But it doesn't stop me being extremely proud of them.

This project has come such a long way, i had big ideas with what i wanted to do with this project and i really do think that i've covered most of the basis i set out to achieve.

I think im going to include a breakdown of each image in seperate blog posts so i can really go into detail about the development of each piece.

So all i'll say here is that as a set, i think they all bring something different to the table, but collectively work well contrasting with one another.

Update Soon!